Session Leader Studios prides itself on producing world class studio recordings for master sessions, song demos, commercials and film.

Our dedicated team will carefully analyze a music reference that you provide or we can build from scratch the music to best fit your song. We do this all in close communication with you the composer/artist to create the best possible arrangement for the song. We then record a rough draft usually with an acoustic guitar to check tempos and arrangement and to make sure we are on the same page with you for the project.
It's often then that the artist may provide us with a rough vocal track either recorded at a home studio or a local recording studio, this provides our musicians a vocal guide to the composition.Keep in mind, a rough vocal is just that, not intended for the final mix, so don't spend much time on perfecting it for you'll be able to give us a much better vocal performance with the final full band mix.

We will usually request two or three takes of final lead vocal and do any necessary vocal editing and finally add background harmonies. Last, we will do a final mix and send to you over the internet. You may listen to it and make any notes of changes you are wanting, if any, We will then send a follow-up final mix for your review and hopefully then will receive your approval to either send the final master via our ftp site (for large internet file sharing) or mail the master cd.
You will be given the option to master your product. Mastering is the process of optimizing your finished product to industry standard by use of  high quality analog and digital signal processors.
This may be a good idea, but mostly depending on the purpose of your recordings, generally if you are using it for demo, mastering isn't necessary, but if you plan on radio airplay, tv or film, you may want to consider this step.